How fast is your broadband internet?

Interesting reading and for comparison here. Just a quick test on the same site came to 59.71 Mbps download speed here.

Postedit: FWIW: Here is Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US - Provider is Cox Communications.

Mine is crap! ADSL1. Down 0.94Mbps Up 0.74Mbps sometimes get 3Mbps and 1Mbps. We were due to have “Fibre to the Node” in May this year but we had a change of Govt. Now we are due fixed wireless Sept next year.

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Where are you? Those numbers look very low for this…

Just tested again here:

59.93 Mbps down 5.70Mbps up.

On a rural property out of Albany in Western Australia. Yes they are very low. Too far from the exchange to get ADSL2 and ADSL1 is just plain ordinary. It keeps getting worse and then I complain a few times, the techs get sick of me and figure out how to get it back to 3Mbps (did get 4 once, for a month or two) Due to complain a few times in a row again.

I would LOVE to get 1/10th of your numbers Ben!!!

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I have 100 Mbps FTTH on my flat. I can extend it to 600 Mbps FTTH :p, but i can’t find why i should do that for :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have only a mobile connection (no adsl nor fiber).
Here is what as been measured by
I guess the performances (except for ping) could be doubled with an amplifying antenna.

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