Hello Introduction

Hi there,
just wanted to introduce myself.

Linux since Kernel 0.96, worked at S.u.S.E. more than 20 years ago, interesting in participating, got more and more disapointed of openSUSE, and search a lot of years for a new home. Rememberd the third big distribution and started to search. found different one but only recently stumbled upon OM.
Well, here I am.

Are you my new living room :wink:

Ok, a bit more. Older female sysadmin and developer and electronic technicion, asperger autistic, zero waste houshold, mother in search ot linux distribution to marry again after devorcing from my old distribution years ago. I am ready now for something new, as long as it is better as what I am used to. … :wink: kidding

have a nice day,

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@mijarena Hi,
welcome to OpenMandriva

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Welcome @mijarena . You can follow along with contributor group on OpenMandriva IRC. User channel is #openmandriva, developer channel is #openmandriva-cooker. We are primarily on Matrix but also bridged with Liberachat and Telegram.

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Correction channel #openmandriva appears to be bridged between Liberachat and Matrix. Channel #openmandriva-cooker is not bridged. I do now know if this can or will be corrected.

Telegram I do not use so do not know about whether that bridge works as it should.

@mijarena hope you enjoy exploring OpenMandriva. We are a small group, all unpaid, part time, volunteers.