Having Trouble Playing Netflix

Hi Friends,

I am having trouble playing Netflix on Firefox. Any idea what might be causing the issue. No specific error code though.

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Welcome to OpenMandriva and the OM forum @Blake_Lehner.

I don’t have a Netflix account so don’t know. There is this report:


In which @AngryPenguin suggests that you will need h264 codec. It looks like one needs to install ‘mozilla-openh264’ package. That’s my best guess.

Hint for all users: For maximum software availability remember that with OM Lx 4 only the “Main” repository in enabled by default. So for maximum software availability one needs to enable other repositories with “Software Repository Selector”.

Post-edit: Apologies. I had incorrectly stated that the suggested package was in unsupported repository. It is not, it is in “Main” repo. So no repository need be enabled for that particular package. Might as well leave the rest of my post as is.

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@Blake_Lehner what version of firefox are you using , I use it to watch netflixs , it’s version 69.0.1
you might just need updated version of firefox.

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or just enable DRM media in Firefox --> Preferences --> Digital Right Management (or sometings like that).
After this FF should download Widevine plugin and then Netflix should work.

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Ah, This: