GTK or java problem?

After one of the last updates (and I cannot be specific about which one), an application I use can no longer be launched. The error message is,

[GTK look and feel -] not supported on this platform
./scilab, line 957: 24338 segmentation fault (core image recorded)"$SCILABBIN" “$@”

Openmandriva has this application but in a older version.

I really need a workaround!


I forgot to say that the openmandriva’s scilab package cannot be launched also.

Sorry for the last post, the openmandriva’s scilab does work but is outdated …

One can find here,

Scilab users - Mailing Lists Archives - Can't start Scilab in Ubuntu 10.04LTS

that the application would work if I had Java from Oracle. Ok. But it used to work with openjdk 1.8 before some update alter it. What could be that?

Looks like scilab needs an update

Yes. There is a scilab package for OMV that is outdated. However, the package build for OMV (and other distros) does not present this error. The problem appears when using a binary version downloaded directly from scilab’s homepage. Thus, I’ve filed a bug suggesting the update of scilab.