Gparted and Openmandriva live CDs in one USB device


Are there packages for doing this in OMA repos, like YUMI?


I’ve seen,

the latter shows a package for mageia that doesn’t seem to be installable at OMV LX 3.03.

Well, it seems to me that having many usb sticks for different distributions is not a good idea. I would prefer to have a single usb with different isos.


What package? Can you link it? You can also write a request in to add package for openmandriva.


Ahh, sorry. You mean multibootusb? Ok, when ABF back to life I try build it for openmandriva.

(Tomasz Paweł Gajc) #4

we have rosa-imagewriter


Does it allow for having multiple isos in a usb stick? I have seen no mention to this in

(Ben Bullard) #6

Best move would be to make package request for MultiBootUSB or XBoot at OM Issue Tracker. It may be best to request it for Cooker/Lx 4 and Lx 3.

There are instructions to use MultiBootUSB right now as a 3rd party application here. Hint: They mention a .deb package, look in downloads there are .rpm’s also. XBoot has it’s own documentation and forum.

I have not used either of these so have no idea how well the do/don’t work.


Done. Bug 2395.



Done. Package ready for testing.


Downloaded and installed.
It seems to work fine at OMV LX 3.03. The progress bar is working fine although it is not updated until more than 50% is done.

However, it seems OMV LX 3.03 iso is considered “not supported” by multibootusb. It asks if it should be written to the usb anyway and if I say “yes” everything seems to go fine but the installation with it gets stucked in recovery mode. This seems to be similar to what is described here (in portuguese). The suggested workaround is to use dd command so not having OMV LX iso in a pendrive with other isos (???). Still testing …


dd option, as described in OMV LX 3.03 Release notes, allowed for going a bit further with 3.03 live option but it also stopped/freezed with no error message in a new laptop I just bought. I’ll open another topic for asking for help.

This means, I was not able to use multibootusb as I expected…