Good news for Firefox and Plasma users

(Raphaël) #1

According to this comment:

Kind of a niche thing to comment on, but this release lands a commit I made that enables XDG desktop portals support in Firefox. If you’re on KDE Plasma, you can run Firefox with the environment variable GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 set and it will use KDE file selection dialogs.

(Bero) #2

Nice… I wonder if we shouldn’t patch it to make that behavior the default…
Use KDE file selection dialogs unless GTK_DONT_USE_PORTAL=1 or so…

Has anyone who actually uses FF seen any reason not to do that? I’m perfectly happy with Falkon here…

(Cris) #3

firefox is already patched with the suse plasma integration patches (which enable things like plasma file dialog, opening dolphin for downloads etc) so I’m not sure what this does above that?

(Raphaël) #4

Not sure also, maybe it doesn’t need a patch anymore then?