GO vote in TC-meeting

I’m pretty sure there was a GO vote for ISO’s 1576 and 1577 to be released as Lx 3.03. Are there steps being taken to release? For one don’t we want ISO’s that don’t say beta? Plus arrangements to upload ISO to SourceForge and to create torrents? Any specific date set for release?

I’m wondering because I sort of expected to see an announcement by now yet I don’t know who is going to write it?

Edit: I must be loosing my mind, it looks like ISO’s do not say beta now so they should be good to go.

It’s no secret I sometimes get confused or get things wrong. I have 2 ex-wives that will confirm both bugs.

There was a GO vote Wednesday but we later agreed that we would prefer to get in new versions of Firefox ( version 57) and Calamares (3.1.8). I was there on IRC when this agreed but a lot of stuff was going on and I forgot. There were hopes of getting in he latest LibreOffice but that doesn’t look likely.

So the idea is to do a quick boot and install test of tomorrow’s ISO’s and those involved meet or otherwise agree on IRC to release tomorrow afternoon. So if you are at all interested in this release do so and we’ll see you on IRC tomorrow Sunday (11/19/2017) afternoon.

All better now. Closing topic.