GDM not working from the box

Hello all.
I know OM is KDE-centric distro, but if Gnome included in main repo, I think it intended to be working.
To Gnome itself is no questions. Repo missing some extensions, but it manageable.
Most of problems come with gdm:

  1. gdm, installed from the box don’t start: it missing dbus-daemon as dependency.
  2. User authentication is not working: problem with PAM, solved by copying sddm to gdm.
  3. gdm don’t wan’t start xorg session, only wayland. And this problem I don’t know how to solve.

Anyway, congrats with new release! :slight_smile:

Hi. Thanks for report.
That’s right. I had more serious problems with GDM, so we decided to make gnome work not with gdm by default but with our default sddm or alternatively with lightdm. Therefore, we did not pay too much attention to it. Nevertheless, thanks for the information, in my free time I will have a look at GDM and see what can be done in this matter.

As for the gnome, the desktop works. It can be installed as “task-gnome”. Although we do not release a separate ISO for it, although we have it for our own internal testing - it could change if there was an interest in such an ISO witht gnome or another desktop.

By the way, did you mention the missing gnome extensions? If you have any specific extensions in mind, I can add them, just need name. Personally, I am interested in this topic.

Thanks for answer.
Yes, gnome-shell work good, but it complain about gdm non existence when called from sddm. :slight_smile:

By the way, did you mention the missing gnome extensions?
One must have extension is a Tray icons support | AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support - GNOME Shell Extensions
And another is, just qualite of live, is OpenWeather | OpenWeather - GNOME Shell Extensions
It would be nice if it would be in the main repository.

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Ok, I solve my third problem: DMs relying on Xorg don’t start.
There is missing file ‘Xsession’ in /etc/X11/gdm. Symlinking it from /etc/X11/Xsession allowed start Plasma and Gnome sessions with X11.

I make some fix for gdm spec-file. Pull request there: