FreeeCAD not available

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It seems FreeCAD 0.18.2 is available (see package request) but I don’t find it in Dnfdragora.

Because it is available in contrib/unsupported repository.

First enable unsupported repo and then install package.

How to enable repos? Read here

Also you can install om-repo-picker by dnf install om-repo-picker and enable/disable repo in nice graphical ui.


Installed FreeCAD that works, thanks.

Installed om-repo-picker too that’s useful. Simple GUI easy to use, just could be improved a bit (see bug 2490)

I tried to install 0.18.2 I found in Dnfdragora.
But I get this error message:
Cannot download python-pivy-0.5.0-0.hg609.1-omv2015.0.x86_64.rpm: All mirrors were tried