Fall harvest is Done!

All the hay for the winter has been baled and sold !!! yaaaahooooo
Time to get back to the keyboard . and make some more wallpapers !!! LOL


Congratulations! I remember baling hay in the 1960’s on grandparents farm (an original homestead) in Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Hard work for a “city” kid. As I recall it was hard work for everyone.

Thanks Ben , It was hard work doing it all by myself , at one point the belts got tangled up on the baler , it took three days to fix them with out cutting them off . lucky I had a nice pecan tree with lots of shade to work under.
I stopped once to clear a thorn tree from the balers path and got attacked by yellow jackets …ouch !!!
LOL I ran back to the tractor and took off …that hurt for a couple of days. I managed to get 300 bales
at $ 40 a bale so I did pretty good.

Glad for you :slight_smile:
In France, the hay becomes more and more expensive due to the drought. Currently it costs around 120 Euros / ton.

Thanks JC , the drought has affected the cost here as well , but I keep my prices fair , and the customers
appreciate that and buy everything that I have. Prices in Missouri have been as high as 150 per tonne.