Evaluation after 2 months

I have used Openmandriva 4.3 for two and a half month now on one of my laptops. On the other computers I use Linux Mint 20.3 and Mageia 8. these two influence my expectations. My experiences are disappointing after an inital enthusiasm. My main disappointment is about Plasma:

  1. It took half an afternoon to find how to get rid of the numerous popups. When I had found it in Plasma, I had to search again to get rid of the popups in Dolphin.
  2. Plasma does not want the user to edit config files in etc, and elsewhere simply using Dolphin. I detest this patronizing. I had hoped that the new version of KDE would correct this decision and accept users as grown up.
  3. Programs started with one clck of the mouse. To change this to execution by double clicking one must not search onder mouse settings, but elsewhere, another loss of time to find where this setting is hidden.
  4. Discover always starts with searching for updates, even when this was done alreade ten minutes ago.
  5. It is the same with dnfdragora; it always begins with reading the repositories, even if it did the same already ten minute ago.
  6. Sometimes I noticed that after updating via dnfdragora left other updates for Discover.
  7. Today at boot my panel was suddenly changed.
  8. After installing a “persona” in Thunderbird the theme of Thunderbird changed to white characters on a transparant background!!! I found no way to change this. It mus be some setting of OpenMandriva since this does not happen in Rosalinux, Linux Mint or Mageia.

All this is very disappointing. The most important disappointment in my opinion is the newest version of Plasma 5.

I am very sorry that this is my conclusion. OpenMandriva is beautiful, the support on this website is excellent, and I appreciate the hard work of those who maintain this distribution. I fully appreciate that most of my comments are about Plasma and beyond your influence.

Instead of removing OpenMadriva without a word to the organisation as I did with other distributions II decided to tell you my experience, because I regret that all this is the case, and OpenMandriva deserves better than to see users go without a word of comment.



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Hello @Erik


Thanks for your feedback.

That’s very much appreciated. Thank you.

Hello, for what little I know …
Point 3

Point 4, 5 , 6
Try dnfdrake for manage update