Dynamic playlist on players

I am used to listen music by dynamic playlists with Clementine.
Anyone knows a way to do this by Elisa ?

P.S.: Amarok did it wonderfully. But it crashes with OMA Lx. Someone told me Amarok is dead upstream.

What is dynamic playlist? You generate playlist by author or by mood?

By the way, is there an issue with Clementine?

Just a random generated list, created automatically on my own local database.That, is the player builds a casual list automatically, with musical tracks that are on my hard disk. Clementine does it.

Sound with Elisa and Amarok (when worked) is qualitatively definitively better on my system. Amarok was even smarter in appearance and functionality.

Amarok works for me. Bero update it month ago to latest git snapshot. It is still maintained but for now without new releases. So to compile it, we use latest git commit.

Thats how it looks here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

If it crashing for you, can you paste here any error message?

OK, errata corrige. It was the 2020 vs that crashed. The 2021, seems working.
But I still wish to know if Elisa could generate a random playlist on local collection base.

Yet, I couldn’t see among bars of Amarok the dynamic playlist button…this is from the manual, but I could not find it…
(…is there a way to modify skin?)

I’m looking in issues, blog and doc here and there, this seems not supported (nor even asked or in roadmap, unless I missed something)

I’ll see if I can make a feature request.

Has something to do with my AQ ?

From here I see that running
amarok --debug --nofork
may give more verbose output.
Apparently the easiest way to fix this is to rebuild Amarok database.

NO way to work. Doesn’t even see tracks.