Does anybody knows what is this?


OMV LX 3.03 (updated from LX 3.0)


Don’t know what went wrong and why is (seems to be) right again:

1-First boot => user login but mouse cannot click anything => reboot
2-Second boot => sddm OK=> user login => black screen => reboot
3-Third boot=> sddm didn’t showed up => reboot
4-Fourth boot=> recovery mode=>messages on Network failures=> XFdrake => no help=>reboot
5-Fifty boot=> fsck failures => reboot
6-sixty boot=> messages on temperature trespassing limits => reboot
7-Seventy boot=>recovery mode=> as root: systemctl start NetworkManager.service => reboot
8-Eighty boot => OK again

I’m afraid it may be a hardware related problem.


  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):

At first sight, I would search around the cooling system. If it’s ok, you might check the health of your disk.

Thanks for the tips.

I’ll try a fsck as soon as possible.

Don’t know if this is related to this problem, but I’ve noticed the message

erro: sparse file not allowed

just before the message,

Loading openmandriva kernel 4.13.12 ....

during boot.

Searching around, I’ve found different comments on this, as an example,

[GRUB][btrfs] error: sparse file not allowed - Technical Issues and Assistance - Manjaro Linux Forum

a possible solution (in another reference but not in english) could be editing /etc/default/grub file to change


Anyway, booting seems to go right with this message.

This means GRUB is not able to save your selected entry on disk in order to select is as default at next reboot.

and this is the solution.

I suggest you to check the RAM too.

This error should not happen if you use ext4 for / partition. It does happen if you use f2fs or btrfs and probably some others (I don’t know the full list).

It does not prevent booting but does create a delay.

Otherwise @mandian has pointed out the workaround.

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