DnfDrake new DNF frontend for OpenMandriva Lx 4.2, Rolling, Cooker

One question: will it available , in future, an applet/pop up that announces package upgrades on lofggin in ?

The idea exists, we’ll see if it will be feasible.


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‘Config’ button and some more improvements: done.
Added PL translation (thanks @AngryPenguin)

Latest version:

dnfdrake-1.8.0-1-mib4002.noarch.rpm (45,6 KB)

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As a workaround, there is a guide in the Italian section: Come installare DnfDrake senza le dipendenze superflue

It’s plenty of screenshots so the language should not be an issue.
Or just in case use a translator online.

We are there now is available!

Read here

The package
dnfdrake-1.15.4-1-mib4002.noarch.rpm (57,9 KB)


Hello, @rugyada, greetings and gratitude for everything you’ve done in OpenMandriva. This is certainly a great news! I would love to try DnfDrake alongside my DnfDragora.

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Please test and please give your feedback. Thank you.
Feel free to ask if anything is not clear.


DnfDrake now is in unsupported repository

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DnfDrake packages built for Cooker in unsupported repo and Rolling in unsupported/testing repo.

I have not tested this package yet but hope to soon.

Ver. 1.17.29
New interesting features, among them a pre-set command to distro-sync Rolling and Cooker systems

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I performed the release upgrade from Rock/4.2 to Rolling with dnfdrake.
This is a virtual machine, and I have no nvidia or other drivers.

The whole process from start to finish is documented with screenshots.
If anyone is curious, click to download the archive

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We are looking for translations.
Currently available lang:

Please drop a message here if you are willing to contribute with your own language.
It’s not a big task :wink:

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Name         : dnfdrake
Version      : 1.17.35

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dnfdrake update will be soon published in OM repository.
For cooker, rolling and 4.2.

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dnfdrake 1.18.8 for cooker, rolling and 4.2

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Hello everyone, since few days is available in the repositories dnfdrake version 1.19.8.


  • A ‘Skip’ button has been added during the loading of the lists, this button allows you to skip the operation if you think that this is not necessary, for example if you have to remove a package or otherwise activities in which it is not essential to have the updated lists. This button is enabled for only 3 seconds since the creation of the lists starts; once started, it is disabled because it is not safe to stop the operation while running.

  • Support for rpm installation has been added. Now it is possible to associate DnfDrake as default program to open rpms. At startup the program will be prepared for package installation.

  • A reinstall function has been added that allows you to reinstall a package that has already been installed. The function can be enabled from the ‘Extra’ window.

  • The resume function has been added to the distro-sync command, which allows you to recover an update if, for example, the operation fails due to connection problems. In case of doubt it is better to run the operation from scratch.

  • Various bug fixes and corrections.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


published for Cooker, Rolling e 4.2

Changelog (use online translator if needed)
DnfDrake nuovo frontend a dnf - #143 by astragalo

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dnfdrake-2.0.4 for Cooker, soon also for Rolling and 4.3

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