Defining the future: some important questions about OMA and OMLx

OMLx simply works

I remember the first-ever OpenMandriva release that was nearly identical to Rosa R3, from which it was actually forked. The Rosa Fresh distribution also ‘just worked’ and the community was very open to any ideas. Since that time, OM just got less stable, more buggy and now sports many missing translation parts and a non-working installer
So what was the reason behind the new fork?
Maybe it’s time to join forces with the Rosa community and make the very best Linux distro together? It could be well-tested, finely localized and user-friendly at a time…

Some apps can install in the system using “Install and remove software”. But when app starts it crash. Better fix this before OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 final release. For everyone’s attention.

Can’t fix if we don’t know what apps to fix. Please file bug reports.

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Please check one by one. more are there. If I have to do it there may be more than 100 Bug reports. This issue is in OM Lx 3.0 too. :confused: I checked OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 still the bugs are there.

Proper knowledge is very impotent. Good Technical Documentation, High Quality user manuals, Webinars, Technical Videos, Certifications…
Stable, Safe Linux OS that can run and install most of the applications. User friendly easy to use OS. That can work as a Desktop or Server. Designed for New, Experienced and Server Admin users.

Industry recognition for Developers, Trainers, QAs and Who Contribute to OS. like Providing a badge to put in Visiting Card, CV, Blog, Website…

I think more improvements on “Install and remove software”. Difficult to identity the software if you are a new to Linux. even experience it is difficult… my guess.

Thinking out of the box…

Strategy should be in 4 ways.

OMA Internal:

  • OpenMandriva Association Needs or Goals…
  • Developer Community Needs or Goals…

External (End User):

  • User, Employee or Customer Needs or Goals…
  • Employer or Corporate Customer Needs or Goals…

One by one what, please?

If I have to do it there may be more than 100 Bug reports

I’m not sure that we have 100+ not working apps.
Anyway if people don’t file bug reports, providing all the needing infos and attaching relevant files (omv-bug-report etc.), it’s granted that they won’t get automagically fixed.
Also, bug reports can be confirmed - or not - by other people. As there may be issues occurring only to 1 individual, so they might not be actual bugs.

Better fix this before OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 final release. For everyone’s attention.

Sure it would be great. Please help. For everyone’s attention.

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For an Eg: Please check education apps (Eg: klavaro there are more) or Games. Some crash.

pujithadimuthu just a question, how many developers do you think OpenMandriva has? Full time? Part time?

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No Idea. I am in the other side of the world. Full time? 0
Part time? May be couple :frowning: my guess…

Just want to know why so many linux distros based on Ubuntu?

Compared to?
Everyone is in the other side of the world of the other side of the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Was asking for a reason. For the distro itself there a 3 part time developers. That isn’t enough. There isn’t anyone with time to go one by one trying packages to see if they do or do not work. That’s why developers have repeatedly asked that users/testers file bug reports if they find something that doesn’t work. If there are as many as you say then don’t file all the bug reports at once. Start with 2 or 3 and go from there. You might prioritize based on which packages are most used or desired to be used. The fact that the packages don’t work does mean they aren’t used and the distro maybe needs to decide if they should be removed (my opinion).

FWIW: The way you write sounds like you think OpenMandriva has people/developers sitting around with nothing to do or alternatively that you think OpenMandriva has people/developers sitting around waiting for someone to tell them what to do. Neither is remotely true. _Also I realize this probably isn’t your intention._The few ‘doers’ we have have more to do than any of us can keep up with. What is needed is more people to do things for/with the distro. We could use your help. Want to be a package manager? That would relate directly to the packages not working if you are interested. There are many other ways to help as well.

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For the last 6 months I am having chats about your OS (OM lx 3.0, 3.01, 3.02) with one of the responsible person. Bugs and improvements. He can give a big document about what we discussed and what I have done… He is busy and I am also busy… now

I do appreciate your interest, support, and effort on behalf of OpenMandriva. Just felt that needed saying.

Would be helpful if either you or “responsible person” could illuminate us.

Edit: Don’t know if he’s right about how many but there are some packages that will install but then don’t work like Klavaro.

Mr. Efrem. I think you do not know him…

What we need to be sure is that standard applications in official release work fine and/or fix bugs if any.
That is: the sw in /main repository.

Like our main contrib (but not only) developer Crisb remembered to all of us, packages in /contrib repo are not fully supported.
Of course people can file bug reports against them or make requests for new programs, as well as contribute by helping devs in fixing or packaging.
But it’s always up to the packager to update, fix, keep maintaining, and so on, according to his time, interest, etc.

Mr. Efrem is you or the “responsible person” ?

Look like you all do not like my work or comments.

Not at all, your work is mentioned here. I’ve also mentioned it in Cooker ML and IRC. Things you’ve brought up in the past have been discussed and sometimes addressed as well. Also I do know Mr. Efrem but haven’t heard from him in a while. Efrem is and has been a very valued contributor.

Your post here is great but would take a staff of full time employees to achieve. Much though I wish to do something exactly like this over time.

Part of what people like rugyada and me (and others) are struggling with is how to get things done when there are so few people actually doing. And there are decisions made in view of limited resources we don’t necessarily like.

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Regarding bugs and bugzilla currently (April 22, 2017) there are 102 open bugs against OM Lx 3. In past 2 weeks there have been about 22-25 bugs resolved. Normally in 2 week period we’re doing well to have 4-5 bugs resolved sometimes it’s none. I read every bug but don’t (and shouldn’t) respond unless I have something to contribute. I follow a lot of bugs but can’t follow all of them due to time limitations. Currently sometimes I worry I may be posting to bug reports to much. And I do send messages on Cooker ML and IRC to hopefully provoke activity.

At times I am ignoring 2014 bug reports due to time limitations and hoping someone (Luca) is following those bugs more diligently than I am able.

And there are times when I can’t do much. This is the nature of a part time all volunteer organization.