Could we discuss in next TC-meeting?

Hello Cooker’s,

Perhaps should be briefly discussed about Packaging Rules or Guidelines. See this thread?

Would it not be best if we put at least some kind of statement or list or something in writing?

Long term it would be best, IMO, that we have our own document for Packaging Rules or Packaging Guidelines but I believe we could start with some simple document that says something like “OM follows the Guidelines in “Fedora Packaging Guidelines” (or Mageia or <
Foo>) with the following addenda and exceptions.”

And for the long term we would basically be borrowing (with proper permission and acknowledgment) said document form Fedora, Mageia, or MeeGo (that is what Mageia did) and edit, add, and subtract to fit OpenMandriva’s needs. In fact we could start a page somewhere for notes when things come up while using the short term document to add, subtract, or change in our long term document.

What do you think?


I’m totally for it. Do you have some example pages?


So I.

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This and this are the ones that @ngompa says we are “generally following”:

And he told on IRC that he and @bero: “probably bero and I will wind up doing it” and
“we’ve been gradually refactoring all the packages as part of the rpm5->rpm4 move”.

So that’s some progress of sorts. I did already know more or less what they were doing with packages which sounds like a wonderful thing. Much needed. And much appreciated in this corner. What they are doing is a heck of a lot of work that most users don’t know about.

Post edit:(Would like to write a blog post about but not sure I know enough to do so at this time.)

Post edit-2: And be forewarned QA-Team (which I am on) if @ngompa and @bero do this on Packaging side then it becomes incumbent on QA-Team to write something in the way of “Guidelines for Testing ISO’s” and “Guidelines for Testing Packages”. There is a starting document provided by @Colin here.


A little unfortunate is that exceptionnally there is no TC meeting today…

About the place to write it, we can add it in official documentation (i’ll show you the process)

Also you can add topics in “ressources” category and even wikify them.

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Ummm, Yeah, I guess the answer to this thread was no!

Post edit: Apologies my disappointment showing in public, or at least Cooker public.

And by my fault in a way.

Where is official documentation? All I’m aware of is the wiki. I would tend to look here. Also here. Guess that’s it?

Yes, the second link should be the good one.
As an author (and admin), you can write articles.

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Yes, in fact I did not take enough time for it, but will. The idea is to put here core documentation, which should not evolute too often.