[cooker] TC Meeting today 08-05-2019 16:00 CEST 15:00 GMT

Please note the meeting will start 1 hour earlier than the usual time.


1. Report: ABF, cooker
2. Lx4 RC release issues/progress/ETA
3. Mirror manager issues/progress/ETA
4. Repositories split
5. AIB
6. AOB

Developers please check RC wiki pages
Summary here: https://forum3.openmandriva.org/t/cooker-wiki-pages-for-4-0-rc/2520

A.I.B. for today:

This morning there are 28 open bugs against Cooker. This should link to that list:


Most are Package requests for updated packages or packages needing rebuild for dependencies. A few are for new software as well.

Don't know if others here consider this one important to get fixed before RC release:

Thunderbird will not install (libhunspell-1.6.so.0)

Perhaps an addenda to A.I.B.
There are these packages that probably need rebuild to update dependencies. The significance is that they are in our OM-Welcome application.

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And one more thing to add.

There is one operational bug that is a concern but I don't know how much hardware will be affected or if 5.1 will have this issue.
It is worth keeping an eye on though.

Boot failure with kernel 5.0.8 and after.