Cooker, Rolling and ISO defaults


I’m still trying to get my head around the different branches. As far as I understood that Cooker is the development (“unstable”) part and it’s counterparts are Rolling and Rock (“stable”). So I recently installed Lx 4.0 from the Plasma znver1 ISO and ended up with a Cooker system.

  1. Is this intended? Or did I maybe something wrong?
  2. Is it possible to go downgrade to rolling or should I reinstall?
    2b. If reinstall is the way, which ISO should I use to get either Rock or Rolling?


The x86_64 ISO installs a Rock system and I suspect znver1 should as well. So this is probably a big old bug. I’ve asked on IRC (Freenode) @ #openmandriva-cooker you are welcome there as well if you wish. #openmandriva is our channel for users but it is mostly quite.

I’m idling in both channels already. So if there are any questions or things I should try just ping me.

To explain the different branches or “releases” of OM:

Work flow for Packaging: Cooker/Unstable>Rolling>Rock/Stable

Cooker is and has been since Mandrake the development branch of Mandrake/Mandriva/OpenMandriva.

Rolling is new and not yet announced “rolling” version for users that believe they want the very latest packages and are willing to put up with the problems user will experience with any bleeding edge Linux distro. (If user can’t handle problems this is not for you.)

Rock is designed to be the latest stable version of OM. It is designed to automatically upgrade when there is new stable release.

Better stop here as this is what I know not what I think. I believe we are going to have considerable fun explaining this to users when the Release Plan is officially announced.

Hoping this helps rather than confuses.