[cooker] PGO xz

This may be a great idea but doing this
right before an alleged RC release is terrible. Y’all are taking
all or our testing and throwing it in the trash and telling us
to start over.

Please don’t do this now.

Also it is not an alleged RC release. We
will be doing a RC I hope very soon. Use of that word was
frustration creeping in to my post.

Ben i did lot of tests and found no regressions. Same did bero.

FWIW: If this were something that only affects Cooker I never would have said a
word. What goes in Cooker we rightly leave to developers as
far as I know. And in fact I appreciate your initiative on

This is not about whether this is good of
bad. Not at all. It is about not making such changes at this
point in release cycle. Plus even though you and bero find no
regressions a change like this needs more testing before it goes
to “prime time”. We have seen OM make changes like this before
only to discover unintended consequences.

So my concern is protecting OM Lx 4.0 from
possible unintended consequences. I do think something like this
should be deployed in Cooker to see how well it works and sort
through any issues that may come up. But only after repos split
so any even remotely possible unintended consequence do not
affect OM Lx 4.0 release.

Thanks to all for your consideration of
this, to me, very important point.

FWIW: Don’t know why my Cooker ML posts
look like they do in Forum. I have no edit option in Cooker
forum so can’t change myself. They are written as e-mails with
html enabled.

Try writing as plain text.