[cooker] Fwd: [FOSDEM standholders] Welcome to FOSDEM2020

Good news -- we've been accepted for next year's FOSDEM.
I don't know yet if it's both days or just 1. If it's just 1, let's take a look at what project we're swapping with. Might also be possible to share with them both days...

Yay! Do we know what we want to show off for FOSDEM? Anyone giving any
talks there too for OpenMandriva?

Accepted talks haven't been announced yet - but AFAIK nobody even proposed an OM specific talk. I've proposed 3 talks, but they're all more related to what will likely be my job by the time FOSDEM happens. (Of course I'm using OM for everything I'm doing, so it will at least get a mention if any of the talks are accepted).


Awesome news!

Sounds like we may have hold some OMA meeting there too.

So anyone is going for Fosdem 2020?