[cooker] Feature driven development


i have an idea to go with our next release in a different model, than we
have today.

I mean today model looks more like "Test driven development". We do a lot
of stuff (upgrades, fixes etc) then in next couple of months we start to
look whether everything fits and works well, then we notice there are a lot
of fires to extinguish.

Idea worth to discuss is to change our style to Feature driven developemt (
Feature-driven development – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia).
According to this methodology:

1. Compile a short list of features for next release
- features are small/medium
- features are usefull for users
- features can be shortly defined

2. Add the features to github project
3. Annouce the list to the public as our promise of new features for
upcoming release
4. Focus and develop only features from the list
5. Track the progress of development
6. Track the quality and readiness of features