Control panel

I am a bit confused about control panel at plasma:

First, I have put at control panel links for firefox, MCC, etc and all of them used to vanish if I turn the computer off (??)

Then, I set “block widgets” and the links stayed there after reboot but “notification area” disappeared. Then I tried to put lost “notification area” default icons back with “add widgets” + icon by icon. After a while, I noticed there is a notification area widget itself and when I add it the control panel shows two clocks, two nms, etc.

Finally, I cannot remove duplicated icons. In fact I don’t know how to remove any icon in the control panel!

If someone can tell me how to handle this problems, please tell me!


Sorry, I have just learned how to remove icons. Vanishing icons is still a doubt although it has just stopped to happen. This is, of course, a minor problem …

Thanks again.

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Well no thanks as no one did really help :wink: How did you solve your problem?