Connecting an openMandrivaLx3.0 laptop to a samsung phone via bluetooth

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I want to connect my Samsung galaxy phone to my openmandrivaLx3.0 laptop via Bluetooth in order to exchange files and pictures. I know you can connect the phone via wifi and I have that connection up and running, but the problem is that when your phone and laptop are connected via a different network segment this set-up doesn’t work.

That’s the reason for switching to Bluetooth.

  • The pairing is working correctly and the laptop connects to the phone and vice versa.
  • I can send files from the laptop to the phone.
  • I can’t send files from the phone to the laptop.
    The phone tells me: File not send.
    The phone log tells me: The laptop refuses to receive the file.
  • The Bluetooth environment on the phone is set-up correctly, because the file transfer works in both directions using an Windows laptop.

I searched the net but couldn’t find any documentation on how to debug this problem.
Any help is welcome.



I have a Galaxy S4 and I can send photos from the phone to the laptop.
I use the share symbol and all seems fine.
Have you the same phone?

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Hello jclvanier,

I have a Galaxy S2.
What do you mean by the share symbol?



This slideshow illustrates what I did.

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Hello jclvanier,

Thanks for the info.


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