Cant get google-chrome to install or chromium (Solved!)

I cant get google-chrome to install or chromium is there some reason why heres part of inxi
Host: nvme Kernel: 5.5.0-desktop-1omv4001 x86_64 bits: 64
Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.17.5
Distro: OpenMandrivaLinux 4.1 Mercury

I can’t address google-chrome but I believe we have plenty of users that have installed this and google-earth as well.

For access to all OpenMandriva packages enable unsupported, restricted (if legal where you live), and non-free repositories:

Chromium is easy. Just open dnfdragora and install it.

Note: Users should use the Software Repository Selector as the repo list in dnfdragora and Discover tend to be confusing to most users.

Note-2: We also have Discover working in OM Lx 4.1 but I don’t use it and am not familiar with it so instructions provided for what I do know > dnfdragora.

General information for all users.

For users interested to enable all the repositories from command line see this. (Instructions are for Rock systems.)

To install packages from command line and generally how to use dnf see this.

For complete list of Tips, Tricks, and How To’s in Resources go here.


there is no software repository selector on my system menu

Then how did you install OM Lx 4.1? What did you install from?

Anyway search for repo in dnfdragora and install om-repo-picker:

Or from Konsole:

$ sudo dnf install om-repo-picker

heres the answer I get when I try to install from dnf
[grumpy@nvme ~]$ sudo dnf install om-repo-picker
[sudo] password for grumpy:
Error: There are no enabled repositories in “/etc/yum.repos.d”, “/etc/yum/repos.d”, “/etc/distro.repos.d”.
[grumpy@nvme ~]$
and I installed the os from usb stick that I used to install os on ssd that has repo picker in system menu

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That would be a major problem. Of course you can’t install anything with no repositories enabled.

If whatever you installed was a valid OpenMandriva ISO and was not corrupted in the download process or when you copied it to the usb drive then there should be some repositories enabled by default immediately after installing. You can check this by opening Konsole and running the command “dnf repolist” like this:

$ sudo dnf repolist
[sudo] password for ben79: 
repo id                                                                               repo name
rock-updates-x86_64                                                                   OpenMandriva Rock - x86_64 - Updates
rock-x86_64                                                                           OpenMandriva Rock - x86_64

Post-edit: You should see something similar for any OM Lx install of any version.

But I can’t figure this out with the information provided. I need to know what is on that usb drive, where it came from, how it was downloaded, and how your copied it to the usb drive. Otherwise I’m left guessing.

only thing on that usb stick is the openmandriva os I used etcher to burn it I will burn again with rosa and see how I go

all fixed I think it was usb stick changed to a different one reburnt os all good now thanks

OK @rbrick49, glad you got things sorted. Remember the tips, tricks, and how to’s here. Just might come in handy some time. :grin:

OK @rbrick49, glad you got things sorted. Remember the tips, tricks, and how to’s here.