Can't access one computer in my network with dolphin sftp


OMV LX 3.03 installed with the iso + updates


For transfering files between computers, I use to launch dolphin and type,

sftp://192.168.0.XXX (XXX refers to aimed computer)

After installing OMV LX 3.03 from iso, it no longer seems to work. A message in shown that means something like (translating from my locale),

“the machine key for this server was not found, but there are other type of key. A raider can alter the server’s standard key, to confuse the client, making it to believe that the key doesn’t exist. Contact the system administrator”

Please, what that means?

Forgot to say that ssh works fine.

Found the original english text:

“The host key for this server was not found, but another type of key exists. An attacker might change the default server key to confuse your client into thinking the key does not exist. Please contact your system administrator.”

Found a workaround from 2011. It is impressing that six years after I have the same problem!

The workaround is to erase references to the machine in .ssh/known_hosts made by ssh and let dolphing/sftp make its own references…