Cannot compile OM 4

I have installed OM 4.0
Cannot compile Geany and Gsmartcontrol.
There is no Gtkmm-3.0 for gsmartcontrol
and configure: error: Package requirements (gtk±2.0 >= 2.24 glib-2.0 >= 2.32 gio-2.0 >= 2.32 gmodule-no-
export-2.0) were not met for geany?
When i tried install some development packages via dnfdragora there are some packages without sign.
When can I expect rpm package gsmartcontrol and geany?

You can run to install development files:

dnf install 'pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0)' 'pkgconfig(glib-2.0)'

Speaking of geany and gsmartcontrol, it is available in our “unsupported” repository. Please enable that repository by running om-repo-picker and then run dnf install geany gsmartcontrol

For now use --nogpgcheck for dnf

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