But I can't speak Italian :'(

(Raphaël) #1

This is an email for testing om+it@opemandriva.org

(rugyada) #2

Email sent to om+fr@opemandriva.org not working :confused:

(Raphaël) #3

My mistake, I badly configured the email address associated to the fr category ( I wrote om-fr@ instead of om+fr@ )

(Anurag Bhandari) #4

Buongiorno! :grinning:

(rugyada) #5

Hei !!! :smile:
Buongiorno. Benvenuto Anurag !

(rugyada) #6

Neither om+fr@opemandriva.org nor om-fr@opemandriva.org seem working.
I’ve forwarded to you the delivery failure email.

(Raphaël) #7

@rugyada om-fr is not active, it’s only om+fr, however there is a typo, you wrote @opemandriva (without “n”)

(rugyada) #8

Ops… :sleeping:

(luca) #9

hello to all,
I had some problems with the login in firefox.
I had to delete cookies
but now I’m here

(rugyada) #10

Hello Luca,
Welcome. Benvenuto :wink:


Ciao! :turtle:
First test message

(Raphaël) #12

Well I guess this thread should disappear one moment or another, it should be only in Italian, don’t you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

(rugyada) #13


But not before I welcome Caig:
Ciao Caig. Welcome! :wink:

(Raphaël) #14

I have moved the whole topic to sandbox, now the Italian section is cleaner :smile_cat:

(Raphaël) #15

Hi Luca :slight_smile: Nice to see that all is ok for you now!


+1, solo l’italica favella!

(prova di risposta via mail)

(Ben Bullard) #17

Can’t speak Italian but I’m here…

(Raphaël) #18


Welcome @ben79!

I was aware in real time of your new message thanks to the desktop notifications of Discourse.

Please visit and ask as many question or make as many proposals as you want.