Broken dependencies in Cooker

(Zeffanyx) #1

I’m generally very happy to use OMV 4 Beta as the second OS in my dual-boot setup and there are many things I really appreciate there, but here is some annoyance:
certain packages in the Cooker repo have broken dependencies, especially regarding old Qt4 components. For instance, when I tried to install third-party drivers for my Epson Stylus printer, the driver package required lsb-libs, which in turn failed to install because it wanted qtnetwork4. AFAIK, kde4 and qt4 has been wiped off OMV at some point, but there are still packages that rely on those older parts.
There are more examples, of course. The minor one is the broken Skulpture style for KDE4, which is also not installable now in OMV 4.
The question is: are the OMV devs aware of this? Will there be a massive package rebuild before OMV 4 is released, so that the broken packages will be identified and fixed?

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(Abucodonosor) #2

How are these broken dependecies ?

Qt4/Kde4 are death upstream , abandoned and full of security bugs,
However you can play yourself with these they still exists in the contrib ( which will be called
unsupported in final release ) repo.

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(Zeffanyx) #3

To give a more detailed example, here is the snippet from the LSB spec:
> # former lsb-qt4
> Requires: qt4-common >= 4.2.3
> # %%mklibname doesn’t work here
> Requires: %{_lib}qtopengl4 >= 4.2.3
> Requires: %{_lib}qtsvg4 >= 4.2.3
> Requires: %{_lib}qtnetwork4 >= 4.2.3
> Requires: %{_lib}qtsql4 >= 4.2.3
> Requires: %{_lib}qtxml4 >= 4.2.3
It was taken intact from Rosa. However, while Rosa still provides Qt4, OpenMandriva does not, which causes the bug I just wrote abour before.

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(Abucodonosor) #4

But there is not such an thing in cooker and while that no such problem.

Isn’t that your own problem if you try to package things depending on
packages does not exists in the repos?

Again enable contrib the unsupported repo and try with that.

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(Zeffanyx) #5

I’m not packaging anything right now. This is the package from Cooker Main I was talking about:

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(Abucodonosor) #6

Oh ok , I got that wrong then… sry

This one need fixing then …

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(Ben Bullard) #7

We’ve moved past these particular errors. To be sure there are still dependency issues in Cooker and there are developers hard at work on this.

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