Boot hang after updates

After updating gimp and kdenlive pc hang when screensaver start. Then I reboot: the first part of boot goes well, I see blue background but after few seconds boot hang. Using “recovery mode” don’t give any improvement.
For OMV bug report and journalctl see bug 2363

  • OpenMandriva Lx version: 3.02

  • _**Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):**KDE

What does boot “hang” mean? To me it means a delay and your system does eventually boot.

In image you can see where boot stop and never goes till end. Then my OpenMandriva is almost useless given that I’ve no KDE.

@TPG told me he would fix x11-server packages sometime today and that we think will fix this issue.

Well i need someone who is hit by this issue to install debuginfo packages and provide a proper gdb backtrace. Without this, fixing this bug is very hard.

If you give detailed informations on how to install and use debuginfo I can try. Remember that I can use “recovery mode” only.

@Giorgio Please add debuginfo repositories:

as root execute these three command one by one:

urpmi.addmedia DEBUG1
urpmi.addmedia DEBUG2 Index of /cooker/repository/x86_64/debug_main/updates/
urpmi.addmedia DEBUG3 Index of /cooker/repository/x86_64/debug_main/testing/

as root run:

urpmi x11-server-debuginfo glibc-debuginfo mesa-debuginfo

Then run you X11 session, and post logs. if this won’t give any anserws then we will try with gdb (ServerDebugging)