Black Screen after first boot

I have Intel graphics. After install when I reboot I get a black screen. Is there a way to get around this problem.

Welcome Harley51. :grinning:

We could better help if you’d post a little more information. Could you post output of:

$ inxi -b

as code using the </> icon. For more info about getting help see here.

It’s also installed using Oracle VM Box 5.1.12

I don’t know for sure but that may be the problem. The vbox video driver current in OM repos (and on the .iso) is version 5.1.10. Same as version for VirtualBox in OM repos.

Here’s the problem as requested

And there you have it.

FAILED: vboxvideo

Can you tell me where the Vbox service is stored. I can delete it for now

Why? I don’t understand. Aren’t you trying to install in VirtualBox? If your trying to install on hardware it won’t matter as system should use whatever driver your hardware needs dynamically unless there is a proprietary video card or chipset.

What might work is downgrading VirtualBox to version 5.1.10.

Thanks for the help. But I’ll wait to see if Openmandriva catches up.