BDLL Weekly Linux Distro Challenge

Hello all. Just wanted to stop by and announce that the Big Daddy Linux community chose OpenMandriva as the weekly distro challenge. We are a group of Linux users who meet once a week to review a distro or application and discuss current events.

We will be discussing our experiences with OpenMandriva this coming Saturday, June 29 at 8 PM US Eastern time. Feel free to join the Zoom chat or watch the YouTube stream. We also have a Telegram group if anyone wants to stop by and say hello.

We are all excited to give OpenMandriva a try and are looking forward to testing it and providing feedback. Hope to see you there!


@esa1975 Thank you very much!
Looking forward to read more from you.

I do know Big Daddy YouTube channel, watched a lot of nice and interesting videos there :wink:


@esa1975 I want to thank you and your friends for the feedback video on behalf of the OpenMandriva team.
It was really very interesting to watch and gives us a lot of useful informations and food for thought.