Bad sound when booting system?

Some idea how to do debug poor sound on bootsound when i start first time?
Its hear like poor jack cable, but use HDMI output, so did not know if it nvidia issue or what it can be? First 3 secund is the worst.

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there is a param boot with option quiet , that block during boot sytem to do a sound

In order to prevent incorrect information the actual boot parameters, all of them, with brief explanations are here.

This one in particular should be mentioned:

quiet [KNL] Disable most log messages

This is the actual documentation.

Note: Internet search. One can learn a lot if one tries.

I believe this is a issue in pulseaudio (if you are referring to a static on sound when booting, or after starting some applications AKA: discord). Discord has the same issue. Don’t think it will be fixed for the forseeable future, as afaik it’s already a 10 year old bug.