At least two days with "Site under construction"

For the last couple of days, I have not been able to browse


I had been rather sent to a “Site under construction” page

Since I’ve seen no comment on this, I would like to know if no one else has experimented this.


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I’m seeing it too – seems to be a general problem.

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I’ve seen as well. I think the workshop folks have been doing some work.

Sorry for www, it was a security patch I had to install Tuesday but i forgot to switch the site to online after the patch was applied. I realized this yesterday and fixed it.

However, for forum, are you sure you couldn’t access it? Nothing has been done on it at the mentioned time, and I had no downtime notified…

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Kind of figured that’s what was going on. However part of me was hoping that Version 4.0 of OpenMandrivia was going to be released. Oh well; suppose I shouldn’t be counting my chickens before they hatch! :grinning:

I’ll be waiting patiently for 4.0. By the way: many thanks for all of you who keep OMA websites up and running (and keep us informed).


There should be a progress announcement soon here.. But best guess here is it will be a few weeks or more before we see Lx 4 Alpha.

Post edit: This is also relevant to what’s going on with Lx 4.

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Excellent! Thanks for the info; truly appreciate that. LX 4.0 should be excellent.

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