As requested by a few devs closed a number of old, irrelevant bug reports

OK, I just did my best to close old, irrelevant bugs. If anything was closed by mistake either reopen it OR BETTER open a new bug report against recent version of OM with fresh information.

The purpose is to do exactly what above says, to eliminate bug reports that are irrelevant or no longer valid. It is not intended to ignore any valid issue against any current active version of OM Lx.

This is intended to make it easier for developers and QA-Team to follow and resolve active bug reports.


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One of these bugs was related to XFdrake, an application that helped me a lot of times, I wonder if OM LX 4.0 will have a kind of an alternative to XFdrake …

Well to configure X these days you don’t need that tool.

X does this by itself.

However I guess you are talking about your Nvidia GPU(s) mix ? :wink:

In this case you can use the tools provided by nvidia to configure X.