Anyone else also with chromium crashes?

$ rpm -qa | grep chromium

Maybe so. I am responding from the OM forum open in Chromium in this Rock/4.3 VM in VirtualBox so it is working here.

rpm -qa | grep chromium

I just noticed in the setting privacy sandbox
trial feature was switched on ( somehow )
I suspect this could be it, so I try for a period
trial feature switched off…

EDIT: it is still crashing , but far less often, then previously so now I disable all Experiments
features and wil be reporting back.

For that try opening Konsole and running this:

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo upgrade chromium-browser-stable

That should upgrade the browser. However I doubt the browser version is causing this problem.

I would try first removing ~/.cache/chromium. If that does not work then try:

mv ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/chromium.bak

Restart chromium and see if that works. FWIW ~/.config/chromium contains all the user specific settings for Chromium but since you moved the old config file you still have that.

Oh, I did not see this when I made that last post. That could be it also.

thanks for that : - ), still my browser is not really up to date, is it ?

I will be doing what you suggested:

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo upgrade chromium-browser-stable

done dnf upgrade, still stuck with version 96

[andy@n17 ~]$ rpm -qa | grep chromium                                       

but the crashes are gone since disabling “Experiments” trial features.

Quick tutorial for any Rock/4.3 or Rolling user to be sure your system is up to date. Open Konsole and run this command string:

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync

And all users remember it is very important that you do not mix repositories. Rock should only use rock repositories. Rolling should only use rolling repositories. Neither should have any cooker repositories enabled ever.

 sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync
[sudo] password for andy: 
32 files removed
brave                                                                                23 kB/s | 8.7 kB     00:00    
OpenMandriva Rolling - x86_64                                                       3.2 MB/s |  32 MB     00:10    
OpenMandriva Rolling - Unsupported - x86_64                                         2.7 MB/s | 9.3 MB     00:03    
OpenMandriva Rolling - Restricted - x86_64                                          283 kB/s | 144 kB     00:00    
OpenMandriva Rolling - Non-free - x86_64                                            142 kB/s | 105 kB     00:00    
vivaldi                                                                              45 kB/s |  16 kB     00:00    
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.
[andy@n17 ~]$ rpm -qa | grep chromium
[andy@n17 ~]$

I have rolling active, from the beginning
so the repos on the left should be kept out ? ( do not have cooker repos, I think at least )

Your repos are fine. FWIW it matters when users report issues they tell us what version of OMLx they are using. The automatic assumption otherwise is Rock/4.3.

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chromium-103.0.5060.53-1 is being published to Rolling x86_64 main repo. Should be available soon. It should have already been there, do not know what happened. But chromium 96 was still in x86_64 repos.

Yet another problem your reporting exposed to us and now being corrected. Thanks again @ycom1.

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thank you too for your instant help, most appreciated

chromium-103.0.5060.53-1 in Rolling crashes. Instead install chromium-browser-dev.

chromium-browser-dev-99.0.4844.11-1 is obviously newer than chromium 96 and this one works.

I am going to remove chromium-103.0.5060.53-1 from Rolling repos. A newer version of Chromium 103 as chromium-browser-stable will move to Rolling in the near future when we move a large number of Cooker packages to Rolling as discussed here.

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coool, thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, I made a mistake. As described here.

chromium-browser-stable-103.0.5060.53-1 as far is we know works OK in hardware systems. For some reason it does crash in VirtualBox. In that situation we normally decide to publish the upgraded packages for folks with hardware systems and leave it up to VirtualBox user to downgrade whatever package does not work in VirtualBox.

So correcting my own mistake and re-publishing chromium-browser-stable-103.0.5060.53-1 for Rolling. It should be available (again) in a few hours or less.

Note: Dadgummit! I hate it when I screw up. :disappointed_relieved:

This is in Rolling znver1 hardware system:

no problem, the dev version also did the job :slight_smile:

chromium-browser-dev is also crashing in a VirtualBox, launches, I click one of the links on the first page (Web Store), browser freezes then crashes. This is also after ~/.cache/chromium has been deleted several times.

Version 99.0.4840.0 in Cooker.

EDIT: the crashes still happen sometimes, for now
I replace it with Firefox Develop … no big deal,
does not prevent me
from still liking OpenMandriva :slight_smile: