All of a sudden, I can't access internet with OM LX 4.0

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OM LX 4.0

Just would like to know what can be wrong with my OM LX 4.0 installation since, all of a sudden, I can no longer access internet via my network.

What I’ve seen:

1- Networkmanager successfully connects to my network wifi
2- firewalld is inactive
3- firefox can’t browse anything
4- Even starting firewalld (systemctl start firewalld), network access isn’t possible.

I’m using OM LX 3.03 now, in another laptop, and have no problems with network access…



I’ve done,

$ systemctl enable firewalld

and now, after rebooting, firewalld is active but I still can’t use network

(Bero) #3

there’s some work going on on fixing the way resolv.conf files are generated.
The next release should fix this; in the mean time, running (as root)

rm -f /etc/resolv.conf; echo ‘nameserver’ >/etc/resolv.conf

should get it going again.


Yes. It’s Ok now.


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