After new updates, some icons are lost and other features changed

Some icons are lost (OMV kicker, MCC) and also some fonts have changed after recent updates.
Did it happen to someone else?


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yes me too, 3.01 fully updated

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This issue has been reported (partially).

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There are packages to fix the missing icon (I think svg icons) issue in main-testing so they will be available in main-updates in the near future.

Updates to 5.9.2. Icons that were missing are back but some icons that was OK now are missing …
Maybe not all updates was already published.

Yeah, best to wait a bit to be sure. KDE package stack upgrades are a lot of packages and takes awhile to build each package then upload from ABF to abf-downloads and then migrate to the various mirrors.

Not sure what happened. Some panel icons are missing but are available at kickoff button options. I mean, to get firefox icon back to the panel,

kickoff button => applications => internet => firefox (right click and select add to panel)

Finally, remove the old (not properly exhibited) icon …

I remember that now, when I first installed Plasma 5.9.2 it became apparent they had changed the menu panel and the icons had no pictures any more so I had to remove and replace all of them.

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