2014 disconnects from internet after period of time

My 2014 (on hardware) disconnects form the internet after it’s been running for a period of time. Has anyone else seen this? Any idea why? How to fix?

Don’t think I can help. I have similar problems with a LG P430 laptop in its chipset for wifi connection. Is it your case? Or you mean a eth connection (cable)? I gave up solving this problem which I think is a hardware/software incompatibility. I bought a U$ 5.00 usb wifi connector which is much more stable.

Thanks adelson.oliveira or is adelson appropriate? It is an ethernet connection ‘eth0’ on 3.0 the same computer likes ethernet connection to be ‘enp3s0’. But we’re talking 2014 regarding this issue.

Edit: Also it seems to only happen after a period of inactivity.

did you try with a previous kernel?
is there some usefull logs in journal?

adelson goes fine.

Problem has been around through many kernels. Don’t use 2014 enough so haven’t thoroughly looked at issue but will at some point look at logs and see if anything stands out.