2012 R2 secuirty group integration Mandriva Eneterprise 5.0

Hi All,

We took over a client running a LAMP server on Mandriva Linux Enterprise Server release 5.0 (Official) -Kernel
They use PPTP Microsoft VPN to access the server 2012 R2 Domain controller and we need to have certain windows users be able to access the LAMP server via windows authenticated VPN.

We are thinking about just making a group and integrating Samba? however we have no idea how to achieve this seeing my linux knowledge is limited to basic debain/ubuntu.

Any one have a suggestion on how we should achieve this?


I asked on our IRC, if someone could help you, alas nobody have sufficient knowledge on your server type.
I advise you to ask your question on the English forum Mageia, some former employees of Mandriva frequent it.

Thanks alot Jojodu34 ill check it out.

Hi and welcome,
I retrieved an iso of mes5 corporate 5.2 (kernel 2.27.56). It’s a bit less old but I guess the core principles are quite the same.
In mes5, samba is set as PDC. It is intended to act as file/printer shares server and has nothing to do with apache.
However, the directory server (mandriva) uses ldap to manage authentications. The goups and users created with the mmc (mandriva management console) are not unix users/groups (ie, they cannot get a unix login) though an home directory is created as a (windows/samba) share for each user.

Therefore, you could use the apache module called apache-mod_authz-ldap that can be installed, if not already, via the mcc (1). See the apache documentation for the configuration.
You might also use apache-mod_authz-external, but I’m not sure there is appropriate doc for using it with ldap.

(1) mandriva control center: system/administration/configure your computer/software management/install and remove software in the gnome desktop

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thanks for the help its really appreciated.